NOW Women's Issues

NOW is a multi-issue, multi-strategy organization that takes a holistic approach to women’s rights. The six primary focus areas include:

  • Economic Justice
  • Ending Violence Against Women
  • Reproductive Rights and Justice
  • Racial Justice
  • LGBT Rights
  • Constitutional Equality
For more information on NOW's position on these important women's issues, visit

Polling Women in Western North Carolina

Share your priorities with Asheville NOW by participating in our 2014 poll, located in the sidebar throughout our website.

Asheville, Regional and State Partners

Asheville NOW enjoys partnering with local, regional, state and national organizations with common issue bases to maximize resources and create impact through events and actions.

  • Asheville Rising: The global "Rising" event in February 2013 led to an empowered live event to draw awareness to the need to End Violence Against Women through multiple partnerships and collaborations. This event was followed by a series of "talk back" sessions where invested activists could share viewpoints and consider options. Hundreds of women and women's supporters attended the event.

To learn more about the way Asheville NOW partners with others, email us at

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