Thursday, March 20, 2014

Gender Bias is Critical Issue in March 29 event to benefit Aura Home for Asheville's Female Veterans

ASHEVILLE, N.C. - Women in the U.S. Armed Services are often a silent group of abused and invisible members of our society, says Debbie Metcalf, president of Asheville NOW. 

For the past three years, Asheville NOW has challenges this position, demanding equality for women veterans who need and deserve a place of their own to transition back into society. 

"These women dedicate their lives to service, living and working in a male-dominated environment," she says. "Many come home to find themselves without a home." 

The Veterans Restoration Quarters, funded by federal tax dollars, does not allow women access the facility, despite their veteran status and honorable discharge after years of service. 

"This is a straightforward gender discrimination issue," says Metcalf. "The male veterans have federally funded transitional house and the female veterans do not."

The creation of the Aura Home, a transitional home for female veterans, is today spearheaded by former Asheville NOW member Alyce Knaflich. The project has the support and backing of AMVETs, and is endorsed by Asheville NOW.

The March 29 Asheville fundraiser will benefit Aura Home through these combined efforts, featuring speakers, documentaries, direct access to sponsors and information, and more, .

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