Monday, June 30, 2014

Today's Supreme Court Ruling Gives Corporations Religious Rights which Supersede Those of Individuals, Women

First, this decision isn't an "argument." It's a decision. A Supreme Court decision is rarely reversed.

Previously, a religious organization can opt to employ based on its convictions, but that has not included corporations with a primary objective of economic gain. As of today, corporations (not religious entities) can decide for themselves which laws they will obey and which they will not on the basis of their religious beliefs.

The last time I checked, corporations are inanimate and incapable of holding beliefs. The whims of corporations should not ever supersede the law of the land.

While I'm thinking about it, I'd really like to know how one measures sincerity. Is there a sincerometer?

Read my original text copy of Ginsberg's Dissenting Opinion here.

A couple of gems pulled from these pages you need see. This decision is primarily concerned with the employers' primary aim of denying contraception and certain types of health coverage to women.

“The  ability  of  women  to  participate  equally  in  the economic and social  life of the Nation has been facilitated by  their  ability  to  control  their  reproductive  lives.” - Planned  Parenthood  of  Southeastern  Pa.  v.  Casey,  505; U. S. 833, 856 (1992).

“Women  of  childbearing  age  spend  68 percent  more  in  out-of-pocket  health  care  costs  than men.” - Sen. Mikulski

"I would reverse the judgment of the Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit and affirm the 
judgment of the Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit." - Justice Ginsberg

I support Justice Ginsberg's recommendation as my reading thus far suggests the ruling is blatantly discriminatory on the basis of religion and creates a climate of discrimination based on gender, more specifically, the reproductive rights of women. The opinions here are my own and not necessarily a representation of the diversity of the Asheville chapter of the National Organization for Women.

- Sherri McLendon
Vice President of Asheville NOW

Feel free to add your own findings and insights. Feel free to be outraged, but please choose your words wisely. We reserve the right to edit comments for a cross-generational audience.

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